You’d be easily forgiven for assuming that these images were sublime captures from some space-satellite or super powerful telescope; the latest high-res shots of the solar system, perhaps?

Well you’d be wrong, because these are images of well-worn frying pans from a wonderful ‘investigation’ entitled ‘Devour‘, by Norway-based photographer Christopher Jonassen.

The images in ‘Devour’ are accompanied by a quote from Jean-Paul Sartre: “To eat is to appropriate by destruction”, and these ravaged old bits of iron, copper or tin do rather eerily evoke the ‘view from above’ that perhaps the Hubble or some such has often provided us with.

Eat to live, or live to eat?  Either way, whether it’s teflon coating or the ozone layer, we’re pretty happy to let nothing get in our way.

More images after the jump.

All images © Christopher Jonassen

(Found at kottke)




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