It was just under a week ago that The Stone Roses officially announced their plans to reform and play two shows in Manchester’s Heaton Park next summer.  Obviously, ticket sites went crazy, crashed, sparked frantic browser refreshing and much hysterics amongst the ‘Roses dedicated and hardcore fan base.  This was, let’s not forget, a band that had always denied reformation rumours, and the infamous ‘falling out’ of principle songwriters Ian Brown and John Squire meant that most people stopped daring to dream, as it were, many moons ago.

Well, the tickets sold out in 14 minutes, giving some indication as to the huge demand for these two summertime shows.  Surely more dates will be subsequently announced?  Perhaps even an ‘Arena’ tour?  New material, too?  Hopefully not.

Already, however, two major British film-makers have announced projects based on the band.

Firstly, and most interestingly, Shane Meadows, the director behind ‘This is England‘, ‘Dead Mans Shoes‘ and the excellent ‘A Room for Romeo Brass‘ has revealed that he will be making a documentary feature that follows the band’s reformation; rehearsals, interviews and their reconnection as friends and band-mates.  It’s an interesting match and I can’t wait to see the results.

The BBC, however, are planning on using The Stone Roses legendary 1990 Spike Island shows as the inspiration behind a new drama; with Mat Whitecross (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll) set to direct.  The basis for this storyline is that an up-and-coming indie band travel to Cheshire to catch one the aforementioned seminal Spike Island shows.  The Stone Roses have given permission for their music to be used in the film, and we can expect appearances from some top young British acting talent, too.

In the meantime, here’s a clip of The Stone Roses performing ‘Waterfall’ from Tony Wilson’s ‘Other Side of Midnight’ show in 1989.

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