Fugazi are a band at the top of the tree when it comes to the popularity Vs. ethics ratio.  They have been enormously successful over the last twenty-odd years, whilst fiercely maintaining their independent roots and artistic control.  They ploughed their own furrow.  No easy task in an era of corporate rock, risk-free radio and big-budget marketing.

Turns out the band were also fond of recording their live shows, too.  Over 800 gigs have been committed to tape, in fact.  Starting in the late 1980’s, with soundboard recordings made on simple cassettes, moving through the years with DAT recorders, CD burners, Mini-Disc recordings, and coming bang-up-to-date with digitally mastered soundboard recordings in the 00’s.  It’s an exciting trove for any Fugazi fan.

The live shows are being made available via the Dischord Records website (the label set up by Fugazi founder Ian Mackaye).  The series is very much in keeping with the ethos of the label, which was set up with the intention of documenting the DC hardcore/punk rock scene in the 1980’s.

130 recordings are to be released this Thursday (December 1st), with plenty more to come in the following months.  A recommended fee of $5 per show will give you access to the recordings, jpegs of flyers, passes, photo’s etc and any information the band have managed to remember from the particular show.  Sounds awesome to me.  For any “hardcore” hardcore (see what I did there?) aficionados, there is a $500 ‘All Access Pass” which will give you the right to download any of the current live series and any future recordings that the band make available.  It’s a lot of dough, but it might just be worth it…

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