We went to Prague with little hope of finding good vegetarian food.  Often trips in Europe mean endless cheese sandwiches and the odd pizza, with little hope of trying authentic local scran. Bearing this in mind, you can imagine how pleased we were to find two amazing veggie places to eat in the 48 hours we spent in the city.

First off, we visited Radost FX  a vegetarian cafe, restaurant, lounge and nightclub rolled into one. The menu is huge, with five different burgers to choose from (Renda’s Gourmet Veggie Burger was delicious) as well as Mexican, Asian fusion, salads and sharing platters. What is lacking in presentation is made up for in hearty comfort food, perfect on a cold night in the capital.

Our last supper took place at Maitrea. We’d planned to go for lunch but it was so busy (always a good sign) that we decided to return for dinner instead. The restaurant is decorated in a simple and natural style, based on the principles of feng shui. Ironically, I banged my head on a lamp shade above our table – maybe it was a sign that my chakras are out of balance.  The food was some of the best meat substitutes we’ve ever had, even giving NYC’s Red Bamboo a run for it’s money.

What we ate:

Radost FX

The Hot Licker – platter for two includes Artichoke and Cheddar dips, green peppers stuffed with a blend of goat and sheep cheese and spicy jalapeńo and cheddar cheese and jalapeńo-stuffed green peppers served with crispy pita chips

FX Cheddar Quesadilla – Pan fried tortilla filled with cheddar cheese, jalapeño peppers,served with brown rice, spicy salsa and a side salad

Renda´s Gourmet Veggie Burger – A veggie mix with walnuts, garlic, roasted red peppers, seitan, potatoes and breadcrumbs. Topped with melted cheese and mushrooms


Traditional vegetarian sausage with red onions marinated in balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Red beet tartare with goat cheese terrine and spelt flat bread

Mock duck breast with braised red cabbage and dumplings

Meatless Kung Pao with vegan “chicken“ pieces, spring vegetables, peanuts, and rice

White chocolate mousse with strawberries, layered with home-made caramel-walnut wafers

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