2012 sees the return of some of the greatest TV shows to be shown on either side of the pond.

It was announced this week that AMC’s Mad Men would return with a double episode directed by Jon Hamm on 25th March.  The poster campaign announcing the new series could have come straight from the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Price. Such is the strength of the Mad Men brand that neither the name of the show or the network feature in the design.

A third season of Boardwalk Empire was announced in October, before the crescendo of season two left viewers reeling from the shock ending.  Season three of the show will be aired sometime in the Autumn.  As well as the ramifications of the events of season two we can also expect to witness the rise of Al Capone and there’s going to be a new face in Atlantic City.

This Is England, the film and subsequent television series’, has been showing off British acting, writing and producing since 2006.  This Is England ’88, shown in December, demonstrated the talent of the ensemble cast including the haunting Vicky McClure.  The next installment, This Is England ’90, is due to air in the Autumn and will be set during the acid house scene.

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