For the last in our series of posts about Prague, we wanted to write a little something about some of the amazing cocktail bars and Bohemian pubs that fill the city.

The Czech Republic is well-known for it’s superb pilsner beers – Staropramen, the original Budweiser Budvar and Pilsner Urquell are all in ready supply.  The traditional pubs that serve them are homely places – wood panels, toasty interiors (countering the frosty outdoors!) and dark, cosy snugs.  The Bohemian tendency towards large platefuls of succulent beef, potatoes and dumplings perhaps weren’t to our vegetarian tastes, but the beers they choose to wash them down with cannot be denied or ignored.  We found a good place on Karlova, near the Charles Bridge and whiled some time away warming up from the sub-zero temperatures outside!

As for cocktail’s, Tretter’s Bar more than satisfied our craving.  The whole place is perfectly antiquated – from the apothecary-esque stylings of the bar itself, filled with jars of jasmine tea, nutmeg, truffles, star anise and other Grade A cocktail accoutrement, to the art deco booths and fittings.  This is the 1930’s springing to life.  The lab-coat wearing staff are certainly mixologists – the drinks menu comes in the form of a hardback book with segmented chapters on the classics (whisky-based, gin-based, rum-based etc), and some exciting variables too (over 50 signature recipes).  Absinthe is also well represented in there.  I couldn’t resist the honey-barrel old fashioned, which came in a cut-glass tumbler, containing honey-barrel whisky, bitters, and a slice of black truffle atop it.  We also enjoyed a ‘Union Jack’ cocktail (why not?) containing the very British sloe gin.  A few more tipples (a ‘Southern Bride’ and an absinth-based signature creation) saw us on our way, delirious that we’d had the experience of Tretters, and could still (just about) walk home to tell the tale.

Here’s a video tutorial for making an Old Fashioned: Tretter’s style, and a few sneaky photo’s of our visit:

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