A brief round-up of what we’ve eaten, watched, visited and drank  this week.

What we ate…

Ceci Frito with Veggie Chorizo and Spinach

What we watched…

We’re coming to Breaking Bad a little late, admittedly, but we got through Season One in a couple of days this week.  We love it.  For those that haven’t seen the show, check out the trailer for the first Season, above.

What we drank…

Samuel Smith’s Organic Best Ale.  Brewed in Tadcaster, Yorkshire, in fermented stone Yorkshire squares, this organic, vegan ale did the trick for us this week.

What we visited…

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, Leeds.  The city’s Town Hall is overrun with sellers from all across the UK, all trading in fantastic vintage items, from tea dresses and handbags, to record players and wing-tips.  It’s a great day out, so look out for one near you.

What we watched…


The Woman In Black.  Ok, so we already watched Breaking Bad this week, but we also snook into a daytime viewing of The Woman in Black, in the fantastic Tyneside Cinema.  Thank christ Hammer is finally back in the game…

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