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Been on tour.  Neglected the page.  Never again, friend…


I’ve been following Alain de Botton on Twitter for quite some time now, and I must admit, his approach to the medium is pretty unique – where most people use Twitter for the spontaneous, the mundane, the immaterial anecdotes of our lives, de Botton instead prefers to send out didacticism’s, pulses into the ether, that may or may not ruminate inside the reader.

I listened to his TED talk with an open mind.  Would it be hoity-toity poppycock, idealised philosophising; or would it make me think a little differently about religion, the arts and what he refers to as ‘atheism 2.0’?

Well, Alain de Botton talks with great sincerity and enthusiasm.  I believe that this talk, and his book ‘Religion for Atheists‘ have caused a real stir with many.  This lecture is certainly worth 20 minutes of your time, just to see if you agree with his sentiments.  Enjoy.

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One of my good friends has recently enrolled at University as a mature student (indignation and circumstance prevented him from enrolling years ago).  His talking of the lectures, modules and debates got me yearning for those halcyon days once again, albeit this time without the bad diet and flippancy…

Well, Academic Earth is proving to be my saviour.  Launched in 2009, Academic Earth is an online program that offers many courses (including lectures) from a variety of top US Universities.  I’ve decided to undertake the ‘American Novel – since 1945‘ course; delighted that I can read the books and observe the lectures at my own pace (a luxury not afforded to ‘actual’ students).  It’s enough to satisfy my craving for academia – after all, once you’re finished, you’re finished, in many respects.  Academic Earth offers a way back to learning for some, and an introduction to something different for others.  A thoroughly worthwhile resource all round, I’d say.

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