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A brief round-up of what we’ve watched, worn, eaten, drank and listened to this week.

What we watched…

We went to see The Artist at the magnificent 1930’s art deco Tyneside Cinema last night. Michel Hazanavicious directs an outstanding cast in this black and white film set during the rise of the talkies. It is expected to sweep the boards during award season and could be the first silent movie to win the Best Picture Oscar since 1929. It certainly deserves to.

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Our trip to Milan during Fashion Week would not be complete without some top notch food and drinks.

We visited Nottingham Forest – a cocktail bar that does for alcohol what perhaps Ferran Adrià or Heston Blumenthal has done for food.  i.e. taking the Frankenstein approach of deconstructing a classic; getting the test tubes out and rebuilding an interactive drink that is unlike anything we’d ever seen before.  Sounds strange?  Check out the image of our two drinks, firstly the Archimedes Dry – the red glass contains the mixer element of the drink where the blue ‘upside down’ bottle contains the alcohol, giving you control over potency.  Confusing? Not compared to the drink on the right, the Umami Martini, working on the Japanese principle of ‘umami’ being the fifth ‘taste’. A ‘savouriness’ if you like. With oriental rice vodka, bitters, pink peppercorns and olive oil it stuck around longer than any other Martini we’d ever had.  Most of all, Nottingham Forest was fun – but be prepared to wait for a seat…

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